Educating Internationally features current research in International Education in the form of scholarly papers and presentations written by Sidney Leite. All content has been reviewed by doctoral-level faculty.

Sidney Leite is a Ph.D. candidate (ABD) in International Education at Northcentral University (Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA). He has extensive international experience in Education, Business, Archaeology, and History.

His International Education experience includes having attended public schools in Brazil through 5th grade and then graduating from a German high school. He went to college in the United States, and returned to Brazil for graduate-level studies in History and Archaeology at the University of São Paulo.

While in Brazil, he founded and directed a graduate school of Theology, where he taught Bibliology, Biblical Archaeology, History of Christianity, and Contemporary Religions. He also recruited faculty and established the school’s curriculum.

In recent years, Sidney has served as Chair of the College of Humanities and Sciences of the University of Phoenix in Oklahoma City, where he teaches various face-to-face courses, such as U.S. History, World Religions, Mythology, Ethics, and others.

For more details about the author, please visit his LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/sidneyleite


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